historical faro

Historical Faro tour

In this Tour you will see a lot of monuments and highlights. We tell the history of the city of Faro, how and when it was created, still A.C. and the traces of that height that still are in the city.

Accessible to all, just know to pedal, and will spend a morning that brings culture to a relaxed bike ride.


  • Arco do Repouso, Castle Walls of Faro
  • Palácio Belmarço
  • Jardim D’Alagoa
  • Fábrica dos bolos (Offer a typical cake of the region in a spot that only the locals know)
  • Largo/ Igreja Pé da Cruz
  • Largo da Pontinha
  • Av. 5 de Outubro/ Tribunal
  • Palacete, Vivenda Marília
  • Teatro Lethes
  • Largo da Palmeira
  • Igreja do Carmo
  • Igreja de São Pedro
  • Rua do crime
  • Teatro das Figuras
  • Passeio Ribeirinho
  • Doca de Faro
  • Arco da Vila
  • Passeio Ribeirinho (View of the Ria formosa Natura Park)
  • Igreja da Sé
  • Estátua D. Afonso III
  • Arco Portas do Mar ou Porta Nova